Hot Sandwiches

Hot Subs

Add Chipotle Sauce 50¢


7.29 Sausage with Peppers & Onions

7.29 Sausage Parmigiana

7.29 Meatball Parmigiana

7.79 Eggplant Parmigiano

7.29 Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana

8.29 Chicken Rosella A Must Try

breast of chicken sauteed garlic, spinach & provolone

7.29 Smothered Grilled Chicken

in honey mustard, peppers, mushrooms & provolone

7.29 Tuna Melt

tuna with lettuce, tomato and layer of melted provolone cheese

7.29 Grilled Chicken Italiano

with spinach, tomato & provolone cheese

7.50 Hot Roast Pork (Regular or BBQ)

with provolone or choice of cheese

7.79 Hot Roast Pork Italiano

sauteed spinach, aged provolone and garlic

7.79 Hot Roast Beef Italiano

sauteed spinach, aged provolone & garlic

7.50 Hot Roast Beef

with choice of cheese


with lettuce, tomato & mayo served on a kaiser roll


Carb Countdown Delights

Add Chipotle Sauce 50¢


9.99 Tuscan Grilled Chicken

with pesto and sundried tomatoes

9.99 Glazed Balsamic Chicken

over a bed of lettuce and tomato.

9.99 Low Carb Chicken

over a bed of sauteed spinach w/our homemade roasted red peppers, topped w/mozzarella cheese

9.99 Frizzatta

chicken & broccoli in a mozzarella melt


Mexican Southwest Favs.

Add Chipotle Sauce 50¢ • Add Side of Guacamole 99¢


8.29 Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich

on roll or choice of bread -grilled chicken, avocado, jalapeno, bacon, tomato, cheese & mayo

7.29 Quesadilla (Santa Fe Style)

with peppers, onions, salsa & cheddar • Add Steak or Chicken 1.99

7.29 Baja Jalapeno Bacon Burger

with red onions

8.29 Cuban Hoagie

ham, roast pork, spicy mustard, pickle, on a toasted long roll


Italian Panini

All Paninis Served With French Fries


8.29 Turkey & Roasted Pepper Panini

mozzarella & basil Spread

8.29 Eggplant Panini

mozzarella, fried onions, basil spread

8.29 Paesano Panini

with grilled chicken, broccoli, spinach, tomato & provolone

8.29 Grilled Chicken & Roasted Pepper Panini

with mozzarella cheese and basil spread

8.29 Cheese Steak Hoagie Panini

with mayo or basil spread

8.29 Ranchero

grilled chicken, bacon, ranch, provolone cheese & avocado